Loathe Monday Morning? It Can Be A Sign of Monday Morning Syndrome

Hatred of Mondays is something that bonds unhappy employees. However, some experience excessive tiredness, stress, anxiety, and even physical illness after resuming the work, and researchers believe that it can be a sign of Monday Morning Syndrome.

Monday morning syndrome

The heart aches when the precious trio, Friday-Saturday-Sunday ends, and the hectic routine begins. It is hard to welcome Monday especially after a long weekend. However, the idea of five nine hours a day workweek becomes unbearable for some people. Some employees experience physical illness and find it hard to cope with weekday’s routine. In such cases, they may be suffering from Monday Morning Syndrome (MMS). The term applied to several work-related conditions including shortness of breath and severe headache. In addition, some works suffer from an alcohol-induced hangover owing to the heavy drinking on weekends.

The feeling of emptiness, aimlessness, and “what-the-heck-I’m-doing” on every Monday morning can be a symptom of MMS. A lonely Monday morning after a fulfilled, happy, enjoyable weekend, or a day with loved ones can become the reason of stress for the victims of MMS. According to researchers, the difference between a persona and the job profile of a worker is the main cause of MMS. Some workers often feel that they don’t care about the work or the company apart from salary. Such behavior can cause MMS and in extreme cases, lead to depression.

A study stated that the stress of returning to work has increased the rate of heart attacks on Monday. Furthermore, the rate of heart attacks significantly drops on weekends, increases on Mondays, and again drops on Tuesdays. It is observed that the risk of heart attacks was about 20 percent more on Monday for men and 15 percent for women than any other day. However, scientists blame the risk of heart attacks on both Mondays and the additional factors such as heavy drinking.

There are numerous ways to fight MMS. According to many researchers, identifying the problem is the key to deal with MMS. If someone has Monday blues on only few weeks, then he is perfectly normal, and should laugh about it or live with it. Otherwise, one must think about the current job profile more seriously and try to change the job profile or the domain. Furthermore, one should find out what they like doing, and choose that as a career.

To fight with Monday sickness, one can start dealing with it from Friday. By taking care of Monday’s work on Friday, the stress of Monday can be reduced. Making a to-do list of exciting things on Monday can make it the favorite day of the week. The thought of pending or upcoming work of Monday can ruin the entire weekend, thus by avoiding work voicemails and emails during a weekend can unplug the thoughts of Monday’s work. Several scientists believe that office romance can complicate life, however, such relations can help in case of MMS.

In addition, several simple things can make Mondays a better day of a week. For instance, by dressing up for the work, doing something nice for someone else, organizing and planning about small post-work things such as dinner with loved ones can turn a boring Monday into an exciting start of the week, and can help get rid of Monday blues forever.


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