Russians Prefer Sassier AI Assistant Over Polite, Changes In Preferences Indicate New Developments

Instead of giving usual responses and showing emotions such as empathy and support, Alice offers sassy remarks. For instance, when a user tells Alice that he is sad, he replies, no one said it was going to be easy

Russian People Want Sassy & Humorous AI Assistant

Artificial intelligence (AI) made advancements in every sector of the world. The smartphone manufacturers have been launching their own AI assistance to help users get things done faster and be more efficient than before. The AI assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and others detects speech and performs actions accordingly. From booking a table to searching a good place to buy shoes, these assistants have been facilitating day to day operations and saving time of users. Their polite replies and precision to perform tasks made them desirable to users. However, the polite and obedient manner is not what everyone likes. There are people in Russia who demand a humorous and sassy AI assistant.

The demand for variety in responses rather than only those scripted ones gave rise to development of assistant who makes interactions more interesting. Yandex, the search engine giant in Russia has developed an AI assistant named Alice. This assistant does not only rely on scripted responses but also learns through consumption of conversational data gathered from online articles, news, and Russian literature as well. Instead of focusing on providing responses showing emotions such as empathy and support, it offers sassy remarks. For instance, when a user tells Alice that he is sad. Instead of showing empathy and try to uplift his spirits instantly, it remarks that no one said it was going to be easy. This makes the conversation interesting and user tries to delve into more conversations with Alice.

Misha Bilenko, the chief of machine intelligence research at Yandex, outlined that it is the first conversational assistant who can chit-chat with users. Moreover, Alice is politically incorrect and does not show empathy easily. This assistant proved to be a huge success in Russia with nearly 1.5 million daily users. It also grabbed attention of spoof presidential campaign on various social media platforms. Bilenko acknowledged that some things need to be hand-coded in order to keep the system from being too inappropriate.

The AI assistant Alice can operate only in Russian. It is accessible though Web browser of Yandex. It also highlights how cultural attitudes toward AI tools will determine the future of the technology. Moreover, the feature is on smartphone apps and the company plans to launch for mobile browser. Bilenko stated that the company has been keeping a close eye on development of AIice and its chit-chat feature as internet has been inclined more toward making everything horrific. Microsoft’s Tray AI was turned into a racist crap immediately after the launch. The company would take care the same does not happen with them.

The polite tone of assistants becomes boring over the period of time, so users have been demanding assistants possessing humor to make interactions with them interesting and desirable. The dark sense of humor and sass are among the qualities that users in Russia have been seeking from AI assistants and Alice is catering to their demands. This will encourage other companies to develop AI assistants with sass and humor in them. Only time will tell if Siri or Alexa would possess such capabilities and reply with quotes from the greatest novels in the English literature.


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